History proves that even in instances of extreme suppression of freedom of speech, bold individuals have spoken up until an equilibrium was reached again. Scientists have been silenced before, but the willingness to fight for presenting what we call truth has never ceased to emerge. Journalists will not put down their pens until essential information reaches their audiences. Idealists, revolutionaries, and every citizen with a sense of justice should – and will – fight for their right to knowledge. Information belongs to everyone.

Sometimes when you go against the ones in charge, you will be ignored.
Sometimes you may feel like you are shouting against a wall.
Sometimes you may need others to come and help you break down that barrier.

We want to be a platform for breaking the silence against unjustifiable censorship. We hope that, by looking at examples and learning from people who have done it before, we will all feel less small, or not as hopeless. And who knows? This could even make you feel like you can take matters in your own hands and empower you to speak up yourself.

Contact us at: sciencecannotbesilenced@gmail.com